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Stainless steel precision tube

Ruimai produces Stainless steel precision tube in bright annealed condition or annealed and polished condition.

The popular standards and specifications of stainless steel precision tube are:

  • ASTM A269, A312, A213, A632,

  • EN 10216-5, EN 10297-2, EN 10305-1

  • Other specifications on customers' requests.

Size range of precision pipe:

  • O.D of precision pipe: 3 mm - 88.9 mm

  • W.T: precision pipes including thin wall precision pipes and thick wall precision pipes, for thin wall precision pipes, the wall thickness is 0.1 mm - 3mm; for thick wall precision pipes the wall thickness is 1mm to 15mm. 

Ruimai precision pipes are with high precision tolerances as:

  • EN 10305-1

  • EN ISO D4/T3, D4/T4

  • Tolerances of outside diameter of precision pipes can reach to -/+ 0.03mm; tolerance of wall thickness of precision pipes can reach to -/+ 0.05mm. 

Surface condition of precision tubes:

Ruimai precision tubes have smooth outer and inner surface, The roughness value (Ra) is less or equals to Ra 0.4um

The materials of precision tubes Ruimai produces are mainly:

  • Austenitic stainless steels

  • Duplex stainless steels / Super duplex steels

  • Nickel alloys

Advantages of the precision tubes produced by Ruimai:

High precision, smooth surface, good mechanical properties performance.

The applications of precision tubing:

Widely used in all industrial fields, such as oil, petrol, chemical, marine, gas, automobile, etc. Practically used in all areas of the machine, instruments production.